Free Lead Management Software It’s Truly 100% Free

I’ll probably get a lot of hate mail for writing this but the truth is that free lead management software cost our company almost nothing to run and maintain and that’s why we offer it for free. Our main cost was in the development of the software and we had to absorb the cost anyways for our own internal use, so now we are offering the first 10,000 accounts to the public 100% free! Let’s be honest free anything is an extremely effective marketing tool, plus that’s my favorite type of beer.

Sales lead management doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it require the most high tech software out there; In fact some of those expensive modules are made fancy so they catch your eye but they end up being horrible at managing leads. Don’t be lured in by nice graphics and redundant features that will just get in your way. The best free lead management software is one that is so simple that a 5 year old should be able to log in and understand what is going on.

Free Lead Management Software

I work for a lead generation company that distributes leads straight straight off our call center floor to our customers worldwide. We were looking for a software solution that would help us do this in a more effective manor. After testing many modules and comparing the cost of paying for each separate log-in for each employee we decided to build our own free lead management software. Our first focus was on our customers, as we knew that helping them manage their leads more effectively would increase closing ratios and that would make us look good too.

So we built a lead delivery system that would allow customers to receive their leads in real-time and then be able to distribute the leads to their sales team. The next step was adding features that would allow the sales agent to assign a status to the lead. For instance, the statuses for a mortgage lead are not contacted, contacted, took an application, ordered appraisal and so on. The third addition was a scheduler that allows the sales agent to set appointments and call backs with ease. Once an appointment is set then the lead appears on their daily scheduler so they are sure not to miss an important opportunity. Since then we have built in a small handful of features like printing, emailing and export / import capabilities. At a glance the sales agent can log-in to his or her account and easily track each lead and manage it through the closing process.

Now that the main interface of the free lead management software was finished we had to plug the telemarketer in so we can track the performance of the call center’s lead generation campaign. A telemarketer can add new leads, notes and upload a voice recordings of the leads being generated. We took it a step further and added features to track the telemarketers performance by tracking their log-in time along with the amount of leads that were qualified, replaced and closed. This interface became an important tool for our team leaders and call center managers.

This brings us to the account management interface. When a call center manager logs in with their unique password and user-name the have the ability to assign lead generation campaigns to different teams within the call center or to another call center altogether. Here they can also quickly check the performance of each agent to make sure their telemarketers are meeting their targets or to recognize patterns of problems occurring from a particular agent. The last and most important interface of our free lead management software is the administration panel. Here all the features from every other interface can be accessed, assigned and updated.

The software is web-based and mobile friendly so there’s no download and you can access your account from anywhere you have an Internet connection or even your cell phone. This makes the software Ideal for working in the field if you’re an insurance or real estate agent. You can get an account by signing up at The Lead Tree’s website and start using our free lead management software today!

Zachary Williamson is the Director of Business Development for The Lead Tree, LLC and the administrator for their free lead management software.

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